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How to get your cat to lose weight

Jan 30 2017


How to get a cat to lose weight naturally

Are you concerned about your cat’s weight? We may love feeding them, but sadly a fat cat is at an increased risk of developing diabetes, hepatic lipidosis and osteoarthritis.

We have listed some simple steps to help lighten their load:

  • Feed a complete light diet:  James Wellbeloved has two tempting light diets specially formulated to aid weight loss
  • Encourage exercise:  Tap into your cat’s natural hunting instinct by promoting play, via rod based toys or small cat safe balls, which naturally burn calories.
  • Weigh our their food:  Use the feeding guidelines on pack to work out the right amount of food for your fabulous feline.
  • Feed little and often:   Cats naturally like to eat small meals so divide their daily allowance into 4 or 5 small meals.
  • Use interactive feeders:  Simply providing food in a bowl means your cat can quickly consume their food. Making use of puzzle feeders will help stimulate your cat and slow down food intake.
  • Track those treats:  A few treats can quickly add up, providing unnecessary calories!
  • Weigh your pet:   We can become blind to our pet’s weight, so fortnightly weigh-ins will help ensure that their weight loss is on track. Remember slow and steady weight loss is key. Too rapid a weight loss can be detrimental to your cat’s health. Refer to the feeding guidelines for further guidance.


help lighten their load

Our light cat food has all the essential nutrients you cat needs, with 15% fewer calories than our standard adult food. It has higher protein levels to maintain muscle and increased levels of fibre, so your cat feels fuller for longer. Available in tempting turkey and enticing fish varieties that we are sure your cats will love!

With James Wellbeloved, there’s no need to force your cat to lose weight. With the right food and by following the feeding guidelines, it really can drop off naturally.



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