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Grain free dog food

Jan 30 2017


Grain Free Dog Food - Is it right for your dog?

It is possible for a dog to have an intolerance to anything. If you suspect that your dog has a food intolerance then you could try one of our grain free diets.

What does grain free mean?

Grain free dog food is made using a recipe without cereal. That means no wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize, sorghum, millet, triticale or rice. We replace the cereals with a mix of tasty vegetables.



It is possible for a dog to have an intolerance to anything.

Why go grain free?

We know that, when given correctly cooked grain as a food ingredient, intolerance in dogs is relatively uncommon – but when it does occur, it can be distressing for the dog and the owner. So an increasing number of dog owners are not taking any chances and are going straight to grain free. Many of our customers report that the grain free foods are even more palatable than our rice-based foods so are especially good for fussy eaters

Are there any possible disadvantages?

No. These are still naturally hypoallergenic foods with a single animal protein in each food and with no added synthetic colours, flavours of preservatives.

As with all our foods, we put massive care into sourcing the ingredients and cooking the food to ensure that we provide complete and balanced nutrition to keep your dog in top condition

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