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Satisfaction Guarantee


James Wellbeloved offers a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if your pet will not eat one of our products following a gradual introduction, you can then return the bag to your local retailer where you purchased the food from. However, to make a claim, the below points must be adhered to in order to receive this money back guarantee.

  • More than 75% of the food (by weight) is returned to your retailer, with a letter (minimum of five lines) explaining why you are dissatisfied with the product and including your name and address
  • Product returned must still be in date. No expired stock will be accepted and a valid receipt is required for the store that you are claiming through.
  • Only one claim per form.
  • All claims for product will be reimbursed by the retailer.

All claims made under this guarantee will be reimbursed by the retailer from whom you purchased the food, so please check prior to purchase that your selected retailer will honour this guarantee.