Ideal bodyweight

What is the ideal weight for my pet?

Your cat or dog is at the correct or ideal weight when it has the best Body Condition Score. Take a look at the interactive tool below to see how your pet measures up.

How much food do I give my pet to achieve its ideal weight?

We have feeding guides on all our bags, but they might not be right for your pet. Please go to “Feeding Guidelines – How good are they?” to find the best way of deciding how much food is right for your cat or dog.

We plan to let our cat have kittens. Do we need to change her food?

We recommend that she has unrestricted access to one of our kitten foods from the start of pregnancy up to when the kittens are weaned. See “Feeding during pregnancy and lactation” to find out more.

My pet is overweight but she’s happy. What’s wrong with that?

You’re not alone; it’s easy to think that it’s unfair to restrict feeding. But being overweight does increase the risk of diabetes; it does put additional strain on the joints and heart, increasing the likelihood of arthritis and heart disease in later life. With increasing weight, any exercise – even simple grooming – becomes more tiring, reducing your cat’s quality of life.

And losing weight doesn’t need to be painful – today’s ‘light’ diets have reduced calories and contain extra fibre to make your pet feel fuller.