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Can I get samples to try the cat food?

James Wellbeloved doesn’t produce samples. However James Wellbeloved offers a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if your pet will not eat one of our products following a gradual introduction (see ‘can I switch straight away‘ for instructions on this), you can then return the bag to your local retailer where you purchased the food from. However, to make a claim, the below points must be adhered to in order to receive this money back guarantee.

• More than 75% of the food (by weight) is returned to your retailer, with a letter (minimum of five lines) explaining why you are dissatisfied with the product and including your name and address

• Product returned must still be in date. No expired stock will be accepted and a valid receipt is required for the store that you are claiming through.

• Only one claim per form.

• All claims for product will be reimbursed by the retailer.

*Further Terms and Conditions apply please discuss in full with your retailer*

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