Read a small selection of testimonials from our happy customers below…


Firstly I would just like to say that my eldest dog was struggling with her legs and was generally lethargic. We put it down to her age but decided to change her food to JWB as my Mother recommended it, well, she has changed dramatically, it's like we have a new dog, a much younger dog.

It's fantastic and I can only put that down to the food, so 'thank you' for giving back our Lindi - we really thought she was on her last legs!! Our Springer Daisy is on your food too, even though she is 5, she too has been much healthier.  Daisy is epileptic and since changing her food, her seizures are less frequent 🙂  So, 'thank you' again...

Joanne Austin, Lindi and Daisy

My dog had stomach problems as a puppy but as soon as my vet switched her diet to your products she has been fine.

R Postlethwaite


Janet Bailey

I recently condition improved drastically but he loves the taste too. Tye used to have problems with itchy skin, but since changing to James Wellbeloved this problem has disappeared. His hair is much thicker and has changed my year old German Shepherd's food to James Wellbeloved. I have been so impressed with the results that I felt compelled to write and let you know. Not only has Tye's a very, very impressive 'mirror-shine' to it. He is also a lot calmer and less hyperactive! I would just like to say a big thank you for producing such a high quality food, I am truly astounded at the difference it has made to Tye.

J Bailey

I changed my Cavalier Wisgi onto your small breed adult food, as it is hypoallergenic, and it has made such a difference to him as he was always scratching and having to make numerous trips to the vet for his dermatitis. So thank you very much.

Carol Jones

In June we found out that our 21 month old Hungarian Vizsla had an allergy to beef, pork, chicken and dairy. He looked very thin and kept getting a skin allergy and couldn't stop itching. I went into a panic and wondered what I could feed him. I put him on your food and have never looked back. He's put on weight and looks lovely once more. Thank you very much.

M Andre

cleo-molly_largeI am writing to compliment you how much your food has changed our dogs (for the better!)

Cleo (Parsons Russell Terrier):

We got Cleo from a private seller who was threatening to just dump her on the streets. She had very poor coat condition and just didn't seem a "typical Terrier". After reading many reviews on your food we decided to try it and we haven't looked back!! She is a very happy and bouncy Terrier with a glossy coat and wonderful skin with bags of energy and happiness!! It took no time at all to see a huge difference in her and we are so grateful, with the right diet, she has become the dog she is today 🙂

Molly (Rescue Greyhound):

We found Molly at a local dog rescue, she was a bag of bones (vet said she was 6kg underweight) and very nervous and timid. We already had our Terrier, Cleo, and she was already on James Wellbeloved Adult dry kibble so automatically gave Molly the same food as we had such a good experience with Cleo. It literally took what seemed no time at all to see a complete change in her. Waggy tail, shiny coat, weight gain, bright eyes etc We are so so grateful as with the help of the correct diet (James Wellbeloved) she has learnt to trust us and become the dog she is today.

We are so grateful to you for making our dogs the dogs they are whom we love and adore. They are both literally THRIVING on your food!!

We have used your food for about 2 and a 1/2 years and wouldn't change and would highly recommend it to every dog owner!!

Thank you so so much.

Keeley Adsett

Thank you so very much !!!!

My little 4 year old chihuahua has been very ill.  She was initially ill with what the vet thought was severe Gastro Enteritis.  This sadly changed to them thinking she had a blockage and was operated on (no blockage).  They then put the sickness and diarrhea down to acid in her tummy.  We've tried her on all sorts of dog food to find something that agree's with her but due to her being so fussy, we've spent a fortune on wasted food.  We then found your wet food (Turkey and rice and Lamb and rice).  Oh my God !!!! Both the dogs absolutely love it and my little one has had no tummy upsets since starting her on it.  It's a lot more expensive than the food we usually buy them but after genuinely thinking we were going to lose her your dog food has been an absolute life saver.  I will be recommending your brand to all our pet owning friends and family.

Thank you so very much from a very happy owner and two very happy chihuahuas (Duffy & Millie)

I thought I had to tell you about one of my super 15-year-old cats, a tortoiseshell female called peppa. She had a routine blood test just recently at our local veterinary clinic and I was informed that Peppa’s test results were amazing for such an elderly cat. We also have a young tortoiseshell female called pickle. She looked thin and scraggy when we got her but now is the picture of health. Turkey and Rice cat food ranks more than highly recommended in our household. Don’t ever change the recipe please because my cats are thriving on it.

J Pryke

I found that giving my cat moist food gave him bad diarrhoea. Therefore I gave him dry food - James Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish - and this stopped the problem.

R Nixon

Thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough. My Border Terrier Barney was a poorly little chap till I found your food, WOW! What a difference now. No more tummy problems, and he is happy and also much calmer and not so hyper.

V Edwards

Not sure what you’ve put in the new line of food Senior Dry Fish, but my cats scoffed it as if I’d given them a bowl of treats! Two happy 16 year old girls on the sofa purring.

Sanna RR

I keep pet ferrets and I felt I had to write to you to let you know about the improvement in my animals since starting to use your complete dry feed. They love it and I have seen definite improvements in their muscle tone and coat quality. Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

C Gwynne

James Wellbeloved deserve food comments, tasty and nutritious food. All our dogs, past and present have been fed on it.

Sammy Savill

Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for solving an ongoing problem with my Jack Russell Lili. She has been a fussy eater for 6 years, sometimes refusing her meals for 3 of 4 days at a time despite trying her on different brands and finding it very frustrating throwing food away. She has now eaten 2 bags of Lamb and Rice Small Breed Adult without refusing a single meal and I am so pleased that at last I have found kibble she really enjoys and actually jumps up at the table as I am preparing it. Thank you so much, its greatly appreciated.

Mrs Gloria Brockwell and Lili the Jack Russell


Tincknell Country

I want to thank you for making your cereal free Lamb and Vegetable kibble. My Bull Terrier Riva has a really sensitive stomach and extremely itchy skin. She has been on your food for six weeks now and oh what an improvement! She has so much energy now, her tummy seems so much better and her skin is no longer pink and itchy. You have given her a better quality of life! I am so pleased. She is seven but behaves more like a young dog. Thank you.

K Quick

Just like you to know that after months of struggling to successfully treat our rescue cat’s eczema-type skin problem, we have finally won the battle in a short time by changing his diet to Wellbeloved Ocean White Fish.Since then Hamish has been a much happier cat with no sign of the eczema returning. So thank you Wellbeloved, you have saved us a fortune in vets fees and unnecessary medications, our pets are happy and their coats gleaming.

A Smith

Ella has had Lamb and Rice Kibble for about 18 months now and it is the best one she has ever had. Her coat shines, and her stools are much firmer than before. We have now started to get her the pouches, which she loves.

Mr and Mrs J E Scott

My dogs, Shih Tzus, love your food and they are fine with it. Their coats are in great condition.

Peggy Sarsfield

Just a quick post to say how happy we are with our dog’s James Wellbeloved food. We have a Cavalier King Charles called Bentley and a Cavalier x Poodle called Izzy. Bentley is just coming up for a year old and was never gaining weight well on the previous foods we have tried, but since switching over to James Wellbeloved a couple of months ago he has gained weight fabulously and went from 6.2kg to nearly 8kg and looks so much more healthy and is now at his ideal weight. He used to frequently have soft stools and now they are always firm and easily picked up. Our other dog Izzy is allergic to chicken, beef, rice and rapeseed and can also be quite fussy with her food but we have switched her over to your lamb and veg food a couple of weeks ago and she absolutely adores it and gets so excited when she sees it coming. Overall two very happy doggies and a very happy owner.

Debbie Touhey

Bracken our Liver & White Springer Spaniel was so naughty until we discovered James WellBeloved food and treats.

His antics included eating a digital camera, 3 surround sound speakers, several pairs of shoes and his personal best, when left alone in his cage for a couple of hours, we returned home to find him sat on the sofa after chewing off the metal bars.

We went to our local pet shop and sought advice of . We were recommended James WellBeloved products, his behaviour changed almost overnight. He is so much better behaved and a lot calmer .... Well, as calm as a Springer Spaniel can get! Have you thought of changing you name to James Well Behaved?

Rachel Marshall

My father feeds his dog jameswellbeloved dog food as a result of a reccomendation from his vet, having seen the improvement in his border collies coat, I made the decision to feed my cats james wellbeloved cat food.

I bought my cats, willow and sophie, as kittens from a lady whose children were tormenting them, they were the most scruffy animals I had ever seen. Within a few weeks of james wellbeloved food, we were recieving compliments from our vet who said our kittens had the most beautiful coat. The change in energy levels was so obvious, even non pet owning guests noticed. Even their temperments changed, sophie is so nervous and always will be but within a few weeks of your food she was alot more relaxed and calm. Thankyou for all the effort you go to in research, devlopment and production. It is plain to see from sophie and willows wonderful coats, healthy, bright and alert nature and relaxed persona that my 2 little scruffy kittens have grown and deleloped into confident, happy and slightly over content adult cats. I have and will continue to reccomend your products to everyone I know.

Sian Piper

I have been meaning to write for the last three years as I wanted to thank you for your marvellous kitten and cat food.

We adopted two kittens from Battersea Dog and Cats Home in Windsor three years ago. One of them, Bertie, had terrible tummy upsets, was very underweight as a result and we tried everything, even prescription food from the Vets along with other pro and prebiotic supplements. Nothing worked and in desperation we searched on Google for a product which might help and came across James Wellbeloved kitten food. We bought a bag and have never looked back. The change was almost immediate, well within 24 hours, and since then Bertie has had no more tummy upsets at all. She is a happy, healthy cat who continues to eat the Wellbeloved range every day as does her sister Amber. So now I have finally got around to it I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic product on behalf of myself, my family and of course Bertie and Amber.


I bought some of your Turkey and Rice puppy food for my young Westie this week and your comments on the website about not believing what you see were actually true. My puppy wolfed the lot down with great enthusiasm, and licked the plate clean. He followed us around the kitchen to see if there was any more going. He usually leaves ¼ of his meal and has to be hand fed to get the rest down him. We certainly have been amazed – as your website said we would be.

W J Common

I switched to feeding my two cats James Wellbeloved several weeks ago due to reading many good reviews online and am already really noticing the difference, especially in their coats!

Their fur is really soft and shiny and both cats seem to be thriving on their new diet. The ingredients are far superior to other brands and they love the taste too so I can’t see myself ever buying anything else again! I'm currently working my way through the varients to see which they like best, but they love all of them to date!

T Riding

Our cat has struggled with food since he was kitten, he is so fussy and also seems to have a sensitive stomach. We tried every food on the market but he wasn't interested, he even refused treats! Of course he wasn't putting on weight and we worried that there might be some underlying problem. A friend recommended we try James Wellbeloved before contacting the vet, and since we switched last month he's become a healthy weight and he's not been sick once! He can't get enough of his James Wellbeloved, especially the Lamb variety. There's never a nugget left in his bowl and he even meows for more! So we just wanted to say thank you James Wellbeloved for our healthy, happy cat 🙂 Thank you.

The Bradleys

I was recommended James Wellbeloved White Fish recipe for my rescue cat, who has a multitude of problems because of being malnourished and exposed to numerous infections as a kitten - he was miserable with bad wind, runny stools and sticky eyes. We were trying to build his muscle tone up too (he was kept in a cage and had weak back legs), and the normal food would go straight through him as his poor stomach couldn't cope with it. It just took a week on Wellbeloved for the symptoms to go, and he looks like a different cat now. He doesn't smell, his eyes are clear, his coat extra shiny, and looks happier in himself. He's getting much better at jumping and climbing as well. Thanks for making this great food.

A Cox

Both my dogs are now entirely fed on James Wellbeloved & I can honestly say they've never looked better. I've attached a photo of them taken in the sunshine we had recently - you can't see Tarni on the left that well, but she's 8 now and looks half that since she's been eating the new food.

We're still enjoying your super calender and really like turning over each month to see other peoples lovely pets.

Liz Lane, Ty & Tarni

We have a Great Dane who we fed on tripe, but over the last 3 months he was always having upset stomachs and having no energy so we did some research and put him on your Senior Fish and Rice kibble, and what a difference!

No stomach trouble and his energy level is what really improved. On our normal walk in the park on the way back it was really a snails pace, but now he is even pulling on the way back. He is totally blind, after being abused from his owners and suffers epilepsy, we rescued him 3 years ago  and we only want the best for him and your kibble seems to be really helping his health. Thank you for taking the time reading this.

Tony and Jester the Great Dane


Ellen Houghton

I got a kitten at Christmas and from the beginning we tried her on all different foods but a lot of them gave her a bad stomach and she wouldn't eat them, we then got the trial samples of James Wellbeloved and she loved it, she ate it all and it did not give her a bad stomach at all. We now feed her it all the time, her favourite is Duck and Rice. Thanks so much.


I have been a dog owner for over thirty years and have fed various dogs a myriad of feeds over that time. I now have Inca, a 5 year old German Shepherd bitch with a pancreas deficiency and a couple of border collies; both are two years old.

Our collies, being busy young dogs found life, rather than food, much more fun.  They were finicky to feed and we could not find a brand they liked.  We worried they were not eating enough.   We were relieved to find that the collies took to James Wellbeloved very well.  During this time, we also introduced Inca to the food.  Her pancreas deficiency means that she has a very sensitive digestive system, so initially, we were guarded with our expectations. As time  progressed, she has put on weight and her coat is better than it has ever been. Her digestive system is obviously very much improved and we have been able to reduce her medication.  Always a nervous dog, the most pleasing and noticeable 'side effect' of feeding James Wellbeloved is that Inca has become more settled and calm. The collies also exude prime condition, with bright eyes and glossy coats.

As the collies would actually eat James Wellbeloved, when the sample bags were consumed, we bought more, largely because they would eat it!  I think it took around three months of feeding this excellent food before we could be absolutely sure that what we were seeing was down to the feeding. We, and our dogs, are now confirmed devotees of your brand and will not be changing.

Thank you so much.

Karen Jones

I have a boxer, who as a puppy suffered a number of problems. The most difficult to deal with had an unknown cause. She suffered from massive swelling to her face and nose. This was incredibly itchy, red raw and bloody. I spent over a thousand pounds at the vets trying to get to the bottom of it and having vaccinations made from swabs taken from the condition. Ultimately, it was purely by chance that I discovered that it was actually a pork intolerance that was causing the problem. I tried a number of different dog foods, none of which helped, or kept the condition at bay. I even emailed of number of those asking for ingredients that were not listed only to be told that the dog food market is a very competitive industry and they were not prepared to disclose the ingredients. Thanks to your open and honest approach and help from your team, I have now successfully been feeding all my dogs James Wellbeloved for over 5 years now. Thank you.

H Nicholson

I really love my James Wellbeloved food and the MiniJacks are smashing – and I’ll do anything to get them! My faves are turkey and rice like my big dinners. Thanks you for my lovely food!

Alfie Gleek

My Alfie has been on your food since he was a puppy and he loved it. Especially when a fresh bag in opened! My vet says he has the BEST teeth for a 5-year-old Yorkie she has ever seen! And he is also very proud of his lovely teeth and will happily open his mouth to show off his white teeth! I also brush them regularly but I swear that it’s the best dry food that he eats. He also adores the little MiniJacks as treats.

Valerie Gleek

I own a Giant Schnauzer dog that a year ago had a major stomach operation. His previous diet became indigestible (bouts of diarrhoea and vomiting) and having tried numerous prescription diets recommended by the vets, my last chance was to try this product. The effect was immediate. No more stomach problems. He has regained his vigour and zest for life and the nightmare is now over. He is a normal dog once again. So thanks very, very much for this product and please keep up the good work!

S Barlow

When we collected our Collie Gus from the rescue centre every few days he would have a bad stomach until a friend told us about James Wellbeloved. I bought a bag of James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice Kibble and within a week he was much better. So that is what he has been fed on for the past seven years together with vegetables. Many thanks for your contribution to our happy, healthy pet.

G.M. Singleton

My dog has allergies and he has your turkey and veg kibble now, which is great. Just need to keep him off the grass too which isn’t easy!

Sarah Gee

For eighteen months our poor flatcoated retriever Jetta had sickness and then diarrhoea - we tried everything then a friend suggested we tried James Wellbeloved as it was hypoallergenic. It was just like flicking a switch, with no upset tummies, she was a completely different dog who made our lives complete. Thanks to you we have a healthy, happy friend and would recommend James Wellbeloved to all.

Just a thanks to your whole team. My dogs have been on your food for three weeks now and the difference is fantastic! Their coats are much shinier and healthier and they are much happier in themselves, I’ve had lots of nice comments about them. My dad when visiting our house has noticed so much difference that he is now also changing to your food for his dog, so thank you so much I am so glad we discovered your food.

Miss Donovan


Johnpaul Maillard

I am writing to you to compliment you on your excellent company who has obviously got the job of producing dog food down to a fine art.

My 2yr old black labrador is an ideal advert for your complete feed.This is the first dog we have had that we have fed your product to.Everywhere we go whilst out walking, whether it be at home or on holiday, I am constantly being asked what we feed him on.His condition is just wonderful, and his coat shines as if he has been polished.When he stands next to other dogs that are fed on another product, there is just no comparison. I have managed to convert several people now to feed your product, and within weeks, the dogs condition has changed.So I am really pleased I chose your company for my dog. He has been fed on it from a puppy,so I quess that is why he looks so well.Thank you once again.

Sharon Taylor and PT

Hi just wanted to feed back to you how much my cats love your dry complete food. My cats are notoriously fussy but absolutely love your food. I tend to feed on demand and at the moment that's several times a day! Thank you so much for a great product!

Mrs Susan Levinski and her cats, Nyree and Spot

I just wanted to say that the Natural Hypo-Allergenic dry cat food is excellent, my cat has been fed on it now for the past month after having a stomach upset and she is now just 'purrfect'. I would recommend this to anyone who's cat is having the same problems. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful product.

Tracey Cogbill-Wharton

In June we found out that our 21 month old Hungarian Vizsla had an allergy to beef, pork, chicken and dairy. He looked very thin and kept getting a skin allergy and couldn't stop itching. I went into a panic and wondered what I could feed him. I put him on your food and have never looked back. He's put on weight and looks lovely once more. Thank you very much.

M Andre

mackintosh_mediumHello! i just wanted to write and let you know that your product has brought about an almost-miracle in one of my rescue cats, Mackintosh.

Mac has had problems since the day we got him - he doesn't groom very much, he's sick quite a lot and he's incredibly greedy but never satisfied no matter how much he eats. However, i asked my cat-owning friends for new food recommendations and several recommended your product. Almost since Day One, there has been a marked difference in Mac - he now grooms himself daily and his coat is lovely and soft and shiny, he no longer begs every time someone goes into the kitchen and he hasn't been sick for ages. Thank you SO much for helping our beloved cat feel so noticeably better. I will not be returning to the wet food which so clearly didn't suit him.