Show sponsorship

If you would like to apply for James Wellbeloved to sponsor your dog, cat or ferret show, please fill in the form below.

Please note that we can only accept applications that are made at least four months in advance of the show date and we can only accept applications for UK shows.  James Wellbeloved can only sponsor one show per society per year.

At the present time, due to high demand replies to applications may take 3-4 weeks.

Terms and Conditions of show sponsorship

  1. James Wellbeloved is to be the sole feed sponsor.
  2. Sponsorship is given solely at the discretion of James Wellbeloved.
  3. Your show catalogue must acknowledge James Wellbeloved as the show sponsors on the front cover, and include a full page advert inside.
  4. Only approved James wellbeloved artwork is to be used – graphics will be sent by James Wellbeloved following successful application.
  5. A schedule is to be sent to James Wellbeloved prior to the show. A marked up catalogue to be sent post show.
  6. Where possible photographs of winners are to include a bag of James Wellbeloved Food and or James wellbeloved banner.
  7. If your show has a website, please include a link back to the wellbeloved website ( for a minimum of 12 months.
  8. Applications for show sponsorship must be made at least four months in advance.
  9. Prize bag cards are only redeemable after online sign up, in selected retail stores.
  10. All unused prize bag cards are to be returned to James Wellbeloved after the show.
  11. Sponsorship will only be available on the basis of one show per society per calendar year.