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Feeding advice, ingredients and measuring cup enquiries

How much food should I feed my pet?

Please see our feeding guidelines for advice on feeding our products. Link to cat, dog and ferret feeding guides.

How do I change my pet onto James Wellbeloved?

When changing your pet’s diet, it is important to do it gradually over a period of up to seven days. This is necessary so that your pet’s digestive system can become accustomed to the new food. Whether you’re changing from canned food or from another dry food, start by mixing a small amount of the James Wellbeloved with the previous food. Over the next few days, steadily increase the amount of the James Wellbeloved while reducing the amount of the previous food, until you are feeding your pet entirely on the James Wellbeloved. Changing gradually in this way should help avoid any digestive upset and your pet should take readily to the new food.

What are the ingredients in your products?

For a full ingredients list and analysis, please visit the products page and select the product that you are interested in.

Do James Wellbeloved products contain any unhealthy artificial additives?

No, they do not. As well as being a naturally hypo-allergenic food, James Wellbeloved is natural and wholesome. Unlike some other brands of pet food, we do not add any artificial flavours, preservatives or colours. There is no added BHT, BHA or ethoxyquin. And the antioxidants that we use are natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C.

Do I need to add any other food to the James Wellbeloved?

No, you don’t. James Wellbeloved is a complete food containing all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your pet requires for a full, healthy life. The food has been carefully formulated so that it is both nutritionally complete and also correctly balanced. Therefore you don’t need to add any extra food or any supplements to James Wellbeloved. In fact, doing so would probably upset the nutritional balance of the food. It is designed to be fed on its own (with a separate bowl of fresh drinking water) and this will meet all your pet’s nutritional requirements.

Do James Wellbeloved products contain undesirable ‘animal derivatives’ e.g. beaks and feathers?

No, they do not. Unlike many other pet foods, we do not conceal our ingredients as our company believes that to make the best food you need the best ingredients. We are very proud of the fact that we use only the highest quality ingredients and list them fully and clearly on our packs and literature.

Where can I get a measuring cup from?

Our measuring cups are available from your local retailer. If you have difficulties tracking one down, please feel free to complete the contact us form, selecting the subject ‘Other’, and including your full postal address

Sample request and buying advice enquiries

Can I get a sample of your products?

We do not produce samples of our products as we now have a Satisfaction Guarantee*. This means that if your pet will not eat one of our products following a gradual introduction, you may return the bag to the retailer from whom you purchased the food. All claims made under this guarantee will be reimbursed by the retailer from whom you purchased the food, so please check prior to purchase that your selected retailer will honour this guarantee.

Please visit our stockist search where you can find your nearest retailer.

The guarantee is subject to the following criteria being satisfied:

  • More than 75% of the food (by weight) is returned to your retailer.
  • You must accompany the food with a letter (minimum of five lines) explaining why you are dissatisfied with the product and including your name and address.
  • Product returned must still be in date. No expired stock will be accepted.
  • A valid proof of purchase, relating to the retailer through which you are claiming, must be supplied.

Products bought in conjunction with a promotion will be refunded at the price purchased. Promotional giveaways must be returned in order for the full refund to be complete.

*Further Terms and Conditions apply, please discuss in full with your retailer.

This offer is limited to a single refund for each household and to persons living in the UK and Republic of Ireland, excluding all staff of James Wellbeloved. James Wellbeloved will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your refund application secure, but unless James Wellbeloved is negligent, we shall not be liable for unauthorised access to the information you provide about yourself for the purpose of fulfilling your refund application, unless you agree otherwise.

Where can I buy James Wellbeloved products?

Please visit our stockist search where you can find your nearest retailer.

Can I buy your products direct from you?

Unfortunately you cannot buy direct from us.  If your local store does not have the product you are looking for in stock, please ask them if they could order it in for you.

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