Dogs for Good


Dogs for Good believe that incredible things happen when you bring people and dogs together. We make life changing differences to people with disabilities. Set up in 1988, the charity provides three services: Assistance Dog, Community Dog and Family Dog.

Assistance Dog
The charity trains assistance dogs to support adults and children with a range of physical disabilities and also children with autism. Dogs for Good has trained over 800 assistance dogs to date and currently supports more than 300 working in England and Wales.

Community Dog
Community Dog for Schools has placed specially trained dogs in two Special Educational Needs schools. Using Animal Assisted Intervention techniques, this service is exploring how a dog, working with our School Dog Instructor, teachers and therapists, could bring benefits to students in their learning, social, physical and emotional development.

Dogs for Good has become the first charity to support adults with autism. Our Instructor works with a trained activity dog alongside four people supported by the Kingwood Trust. The charity hopes to expand this service in other centres across the country.

Family Dog
Dogs for Good’s PAWS Family Dog service runs workshops across the UK demonstrating to families affected by autism the positive impact a pet dog can have on family life. So far more than 1000 families nationwide are seeing extraordinary results.


From puppy to life-changing dog
It all starts with a tiny puppy. Dogs for Good puppies spend the first year of their lives with a volunteer puppy socialiser, who teaches them the basics including lead walking, sit, stay and recall.

At around 16 months old, they start work with Dogs for Good trainers and instructors learning the vital skills they need such as picking up dropped items, fetching the phone, loading and unloading the washing machine, calling lifts and helping someone dress and undress as well as how to distract or comfort a child with autism is angry, anxious or distressed and keep them safe when out and about.

At about two years old they’re ready to become fully qualified assistance or community dogs.

Dogs for Good must raise £12,000 to fund each dog from birth to fully trained Assistance, Activity or Therapy Dog and £20,000 to fund the dog for its entire working life.

To make a donation, or sponsor a puppy visit or call 01295 252600.