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Watch our first TV ad

Mega City by James Wellbeloved

8 MAR 2017


Love well with the new James Wellbeloved TV AD

Spending our lives in the big city, caught up in the rat race called life, it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole different world out there – one that we don’t have time to connect with.

Nature is pure – free from meddling, a place where plants and animals can just be. Our brand-new TV commercial ‘Mega City’ reminds us that no matter what your aims are in life, it’s important to first remember the needs of those who really matter and those closest to us – our pets.
By bringing them back to nature through what they eat, they can live happier, healthier lives. That’s the aim of James Wellbeloved – it always has been. To love well.

Mega City – Jack and Harry’s journey

Our TV ad tells the story of busker Jack and his furry companion, Harry. We travel with the struggling pair as they try desperately to bring joy and happiness to their cold, dark world. Littered with looming skyscrapers and devoid of nature, the pair struggle to break through to the busybodies caught up in the rush of city life.
Jack desires one thing more than anything in life – to escape to the countryside. Using this desire to push himself forwards, he busks through the harsh days and weary nights; slowly but surely, day after day, saving up the money he needs to buy a motorbike, to get his canine companion out of the city.
Eventually, with enough fight and dedication, Jack scrapes every last penny together and sets out to ride away into the sunset. But not all is as it seems – even though Jack put everything into buying the motorbike, he realised that wasn’t important. As long as Harry is back in the countryside, by any means possible, and back with nature, that’s the best thing he can do for his closest friend.

It’s easy to love well with the right naturally healthy food for your loved one. That’s why Jack feeds his dog James Wellbeloved.


Jack and James from James wellbeloved Mega City Ad
It’s easy to love well with the right naturally healthy food for your loved one. That’s why Jack feeds his dog James Wellbeloved.

James Wellbeloved – it’s in our name, it’s in our nature

James Wellbeloved started off with two poorly boxers with itchy skin and upset tummies. Their confused owner really wasn’t sure what was causing her precious companions so much distress – but she had an idea.
Bringing together pure and natural ingredients, she created simple yet nutritious meals packed with everything any dog needs. The change to her dog’s health was incredible and so she set out to share her discovery and spread her delicious recipes to dog owners throughout the country.

James Wellbeloved is still true to these values today and still made in rural Somerset, but not all pet owners are aware of our amazing products. We want our TV ad to reach out to these people – and maybe you – to show you that if you feed your pets the right food, in the right way, they will live happier, healthier lives.
The world is always changing, but one thing remains the same – the heart and soul that goes into producing James Wellbeloved pet food.

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