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Ava – Dogs for the Disabled update

8 MAY 2012


ava-dogs-for-the-disabled-updateTime flies and pups grow very quickly; no longer the little bundles of cute innocence she was at 8 weeks. Ava is now developing into a very beautiful young dog and it’s time for us to bring you an update on her development so far.

Ava’s socialisers Julie and Keith have been volunteering for Dogs for the Disabled for years, and have socialised with many of their puppies. They have told us that Ava goes to training classes almost every week, and loves meeting and greeting other dogs and their owners. This is an important part of her basic training of course, as we need her to be calm and kind whenever she meets another dog.

Julie said that Ava has learned her commands very quickly. She’s happy to sit, lie down, wait for food etc and is working on ‘stay’.

A very important part of puppy socialising is getting a pup out in as many real-life situations as possible. This ensures that when a dog is matched with a person with disabilities, then they are entirely comfortable in as many environments as possible. So Ava has been to the optician, shops, garden centre, hospitals and doctors surgery…she even gets a queue of admirers at the dentist!

It’s not all work though! Ava loves her toys, and anything that makes a noise, she also enjoys running around the garden. So it’s fair to say that as well as comfortably learning her basic skills, Ava still has plenty of time to play and be a puppy!

ava-friendsOver the coming six months, all of the Dogs for the Disabled puppies will spend a week or so in kennels. This enables them to have a taste of “kennel life” -learning to share and wait their turn with the other dogs there. It also prepares the socialiser for when the final goodbye will inevitably happen – not an easy time and is always very emotional for them.

However, there is still a lot of learning for Ava to take on board, but she is keen and intelligent which helps her socialisers to do their job effectively.

For more information on sponsoring a Dog for the Disabled puppy visit their site